Why ValueStreet?

    ValueStreet is investing on behalf of its employees’ families. We are not beholden to outside investors telling us they need their money back by a certain date or dictating how we make investments. When we invest, we’re investing with a time horizon of decades, not quarters or even years. This affords us great flexibility. We can offer business owners partial buyouts or full buyouts. Maybe you have a partner who is looking to sell their stake in the business, but you plan to keep running it? Maybe you would like cash for a portion of your business and are looking to partner with us to build something big? Or maybe you’re looking to retire or do something else with your life either tomorrow, a year from now, or five years from now? We can accomodate all of those goals and more.

    Beyond the cash we bring to the table, which allows us to invest in your company initially and continuously to fuel growth, we also have a team with deep and diverse business expertise. If you’re partnering with us or selling us your business and wanting to ensure your employees and customers are treated right, you can expect a team who brings experience in supercharging search engine marketing, website design, accounting and financial management and controls, employee optimization, and general operational improvement.

    Why pool service?

    Three primary reasons.

    1) At ValueStreet we seek to invest in industries serving a value-added need in the community into the long-term future. Pool service easily checks the box. When there’s water, moving mechanical parts, electricity, plumbing, and chemicals all mixed together something will always have an issue. We want to be part of the industry providing the solution. A residential customer may try to maintain their own pool, but it’d be a wiser/more economical use of their time to hire someone – especially since a professional will make sure it’s done right. For commercial customers the risk to their business and to their customers is too high to not stay up to code and within regulations – they need an expert.

    2) We’re also seeking to invest in companies where customers stay customers. The only way we believe in doing business is putting the customer first. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting pool operators in the business who live this philosophy. They always do what they say they’re going to do when they said they were going to do it. They are always honest with their customer on what they need and what they can live without. Unsurprisingly, those customers have remained customers for decades. Our mandate is to carry on that level of service and trust.

    3) Why isn’t there a Terminix of pool service? Why isn’t there a TruGreen of pool service? There’s an opportunity here to be the unquestioned number one pool service company in Southern CA. We’re not just “the money.” We’ll do the dirtiest jobs and put in the long hours. We’re eager to do the work so the companies we partner with don’t fade away over time, instead we expect the company to stand out as the best in the business. We believe by investing and partnering with one of the top pool service companies in Southern CA we can build on an established legacy to create the largest and highest quality pool service company in the region.

    Start a conversation:

    Our Vice President, Zach Penacho, is dedicated to the pool service industry and will make himself fully available to discuss your company. He is available by phone, text, or email at the details below.

    Born and raised in San Diego, Zach is a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) and holds two degrees from the University of Oregon: a Bachelor of Science in Accounting/Finance and a Bachelor of Science in Economics. Prior to joining ValueStreet, Zach was a management consultant for a billion dollar public company traveling around the US to help organizations improve their margins and better serve their customers. Zach looks forward to discussing what we may be able to do for you and your business.