Great businesses are successful for a reason. Our job as investors is to recognize the work that founders and families have already done, while building a platform for continued growth. We believe this is the best approach for ensuring the continued wellbeing of employees, customers, and communities.

    No two businesses are the same, and we don’t believe in prescriptive remedies. Rather, we seek to engage with owners, employees, customers, and stakeholders to identify the irreplaceable parts of a business that make it unique. We work to build on these vital qualities to preserve the business’s already established legacy of success.

    Where an organization may benefit from it, we will incorporate additional systems, processes, and incentive structures to help set the stage for long term performance improvement. In such a scenario we may focus on the implementation of:

    • KPIs, leading indicators, and data-driven decision making
    • Formal budgeting processes
    • Forecasting processes
    • Legal and accounting strategies
    • Board level structures and reporting

    These resources are not necessary in all situations, and when they are, they can be phased in gradually in partnership with employees and managers. Given the choice, we will always abide by the “do no harm” principle, ensuring our efforts as investors are aligned with the continued success of the business.